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Our Process

  1. Complimentary Consultation

Is Aspen Wealth Management a good fit?

  • Review your financial goals, philosophy and needs as a client
  • Transparent explanation of our capabilities, expertise and fee structure
  • Make sure we are a good fit personality wise
  1. Expert Analysis

Provide details regarding current financial plan, strategies etc.

  • Thorough analysis to determine whether or not you are on track to reach your goals
  • Identify opportunities and/or weaknesses to improve your financial wellbeing
  • Complete a risk questionnaire to determine your level of comfort regarding investment and/or market risk
  • Review social security, pensions, insurances etc
  1. Planning and Analysis Review Meeting

Meet with advisor see if you are on track and go over recommendations

  • Review analysis and determine whether or not current investments and strategies are aligned with helping you reach your financial goals
  • Make sure your investments are in line with your risk tolerance
  • Discuss ways to improve your current plan and attack your goals efficiently
  1. Implementation Meeting

Review all options again and make changes you are comfortable with

  • Go over any and all questions regarding recommendations
  • If needed; complete account applications, transfers, online access etc.
  1. Account Review and Planning Strategy Meetings

Do I need to make any adjustments to stay on track?

  • Continually monitor performance against expectations
  • Periodically review portfolio for suitability and adjust as necessary
  • Update financial plan and roadmap as needed