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Protection Planning

Protecting your family's financial well-being from an unexpected death, illness or disability is one of the most critical elements of a comprehensive financial plan.  Our advisors will help you assess and identify gaps and redundancies in your existing coverage in order to help ensure you're prepared for whatever life in the years ahead may bring.

  • Income Protection – Protecting your current and future income is important.  According to the social security administration, roughly three in ten Americans will suffer a disability lasting three months or longer before the age of 65 and nearly one in five Americans will be disabled for one year or more during their working years.
  • Disability insurance can provide you and your family with a source of replacement income to help make ends meet until you're able to return to work.
  • Life insurance – Many people want to make sure their family is protected in case they die prematurely.  We'll help you evaluate your current coverage to make sure you have the right amount and right kind of insurance to provide for your loved ones.
  • Long Term Care – Thanks to medical advances and healthier lifestyles, people are living longer than ever before.  Unfortunately, statistics shows that living longer increases the possibility you'll face a mental or physical decline requiring long term care or assistance.
    • Nursing homes and home health care are expensive.  Nobody wants to drain their retirement savings or burden their loved ones.  Long term care can protect your nest egg and dignity by providing you with the financial resources to get the kind of help you need, often times in the comfort of your own home.
    • We'll help you determine whether or not long term care insurance is an appropriate option and educate you regarding the various carriers and types of coverage.
  • Estate and Wealth Transfer – Many baby-boomers are looking for tax advantaged strategies to transfer their wealth and assets to their spouses, children and grandchildren and favorite charities.  While appropriately constructed wills and trusts are oftentimes used to preserve wealth, insurance policies can be used to enhance and increase the amount passed to beneficiaries.